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Season ticket №7

  • Director – Vitaly Gordienko
  • Concerts start at 15:00
  • The average duration of the concert is 2 hours with intermission
"Orchestra rehearsal"

The Capella of St. Petersburg is launching a new subscription “Orchestra Rehearsal”, which reveals to young listeners all the secrets and subtleties of playing in a symphony orchestra. Many are familiar with the film of the same name by Federico Fellini, demonstrating that working in a symphony orchestra is not as easy as it seems. The listeners often have questions: how do musicians manage to play in sync? which group of instruments is more important? Why does an orchestra need a conductor? how woodwind instruments differ from brass instruments? what are orchestral groups? The answers to these and many other questions will be presented in four story concerts. We will show the life of the symphony orchestra and its individual members, hidden from prying eyes and ears. You can see not only the final result of their work – a concert, but also watch the rehearsals.

Members of the season ticket: Capella Symphony Orchestra, Capella Chamber Orchestra, Tempo Primo Youth Symphony Orchestra and drama artists.

100 musicians, 15 orchestral groups and a conductor will become one whole under the name “Symphony Orchestra”!

November 8, 2020, Sunday

What is “together”?
Orchestra of Young Musicians
Tempo Primo Youth Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – Alexander Lutsky

December 13, 2020, Sunday

“Orchestra without orchestra”
Keyboard musical instruments

January 10, 2021, Sunday

What are Orchestral Groups?
Chamber Orchestra of the Capella of St. Petersburg

February 14, 2021, Sunday

Rehearsal of the large symphony orchestra
St. Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – Alexander Chernushenko